1.0.3 - Windows - realm instability debuffs bypass High Protein trait

I guess avoiding debuffs is impossible when it is a realm property?

I figured it’d work. Was hoping it’d allow to free up 3 anointment slots (immune to confused, disarmed, resistant to debuffs if speed > 300% speed)

Odd one + forest pact + 6 dumplings would bring this above 100%.

perhaps avoid is referring to being afflicted with it, not already having it?

I think these would be the terms
immune is the strongest I guess. No effect even if you already have it.
100% chance to avoid I guess means that you can’t be afflicted with it, but if you already have it from a realm property, then you get the effects of it.

resist, less severe effects

quick hands anointment (immune to disarmed)
seems that the icon doesn’t even show up

perhaps this is not the same as the immune buff, where you just can’t be afflicted with debuffs?

If I had the immune buff at the start of battle, would I avoid the effects of realm property debuffs?

I guess it’d depend on whether buffs or debuffs are granted first.