1.0.3 Windows - Shadow Carnage and Unholy Night (Defiler)

I’m using the Defiler passive with Shadow Carnage so that when debuffs are applied it will attack and kill enemies and should apply buffs to my team when they die.
For some reason Carnage is not being considered the killer when he is the only one applying debuffs through the Despair Trait debuffing the enemy when they get stat reductions.
The full combo is using - Kindness on a speed focused creature to spread stats to my team, Blessing From Below to cause enemies to lose stats when this creature gains stats (traits on different creatures), and Despair being on an artifact equipped to Shadow Carnage (third different creature) to enable a turn 1 debuff spread, then Unholy Night makes Carnage attack and kill the enemies making its trait (Augmentation) activate when this creature kills a creature.
Unholy Night states that the creature who debuffed, Shadow Carnage in this case, deals damage equal to 80% of its lowest stat. Carnage should be the one killing enemies and when it kills an enemy afflicted with debuffs however no buffs are applied by his trait.
Any help with this would be appreciated!