1.0.3 - Windows - Timewalk interaction preventing End of Turn giving infinite turns

This team can get infinite turns.
Test setup was fighting Mortem to actually have time to test.
Akara has a Timewalk gem with 24% more charges, 100% chance to cast twice and Generous.
Once Akara gets it’s turn, I can cast Timewalk on Regalis causing a chain of Timewalks and Exhaustions from her because of Ribcracker’s “Glory” spell.

After that chain ends Akara just has another turn. Notably no End-of-Turn happens and thus Akara never gets the Mental Clarity perk that prevents Charges from being consumed. I can repeatedly timewalk Regalis until the Ribcracker attacks kill Mortem.

No anoints are used and “Uncontrollable Anger” and “Reverberation” are not allocated.