1.0.4 - Autocast spells eventually close game with no error log

I have no idea what’s really causing it, but I lost a couple GotG keys to the game randomly closing after I start autocasting stuff as a Cabalist. First I thought it was Aurum’s Gem Bomb (he’s on my team), but then Inferno autocast caused the game to hang and close, followed by other stuff.

I haven’t been able to get my False God quest done because the game closes before I can do anything to get to the portal after a few battles. Curiously, there is no error log given; the game just straight-up closes…

I just pushed a hotfix that might help. Please restart Steam to make sure you’re fully updated. Not sure if it’ll work since it’s just a guess without more information to work with, unfortunately.

Unfortunately, it still crashes. I’ll keep an eye out for what I cast before it closes.

EDIT: So apparently, my game didn’t upadte with the hotfix, so it may still be fixed and I just didn’t know.

Double post, but yes, it still rarely crashes. This last one, the battle just started, and then the game unceremoniously froze then closed. I recall I was in the Gambler’s Hive, on about RI 2, but that’s all I recall.

UPDATE: Tried to enter the Hive again, knocked some Luckmantria card houses over. About right after the creatures appeared in battle, the game froze and then closed.

Can you please either attach your save file or PM it to me?

Sure. Can I DM it to you on Discord? That’d be easier, but if not, lemme know.

Sorry, it would need to either be on the forums or you can e-mail it to zack@thylacinestudios.com

All good. I’ll email you.

Thanks! I haven’t been able to get it to crash, but I found a few more issues recently and one might be related to this. Please restart Steam again to grab the hotfix.