1.0.4 - Windows - enchant and disenchant UI, notify that a spell can't be enchanted/disenchanted further sooner

  1. the disenchant screen lets you disenchant an empty spell gem property slot (even if there are 0 slots there

    no dialog box is shown to prevent even entering the property slot selection UI

  2. no dialog box is shown when disenchanting an empty property slot in general. Doesn’t look like it costs anything though

currently you need to try to select an enchantment to trigger the dialog box

It’d be better if it the dialog box notified when pressing e on the spell you want to enchant.
Like what the disenchant screen with 0 property slots, won’t even let you try to disenchant nothing.

  1. You can attempt to enchant a spell with 0 property slots

    It’d be better if it prevented entering the property enchant UI

or maybe the spell could be red if it has no free spell enchant slots left in the enchant spell selection screen.