1.0.4 Windows - Save file seemingly corrupted

Today I booted up the game with my main save file totally gone, not even on the selection screen. I turned the backup into a .sav file and it seemingly erased itself on booting up the game again, since the same result ocurred (save file not on selection screen).

A recovery of some sort would be highly appreciated, but I’m reporting this first and foremost to see if the issue can be fixed for future players. Since the forums don’t let me post the .bak file, I’m just leaving it here as a save.

Finally, I just wanted to thank you for all your work on the game. :slightly_smiling_face:

slot1.sav (2 MB)

I took a look and unfortunately, it does seem that the file is corrupted. I’m very sorry about this. Any idea if the game might have closed while it was in the middle of saving, or if your power went out or anything like that?

That’s very strange. No, there weren’t any power outages or anything. I remember pretty well that I chose ‘Save and Exit’ the last time I played (yesterday) and it all played out as it usually does.

Have you used the cloud storage feature to export/import the save file recently?

No, I haven’t used it at all.