1.0.5 Nether creature causes problems in the level displays


I followed the tutorial and created a nether devil egg for a twisted devil.
When I added that new creature in my party then the level displayed next to each creature in the options screen is no longer correct.

Not sure what the pattern is but the levels appear to the wrong creature.
So even though my new creature was level 1 it was saying L57.

I already had a normal twisted devil in my part so now I have two of them.

This problem does not happen when I go into combat and there the levels appear correctly.

Windows 64bit version 1.0.5


p.s. Version 1.0.6 is not available yet for download through humble bundle

Hi, sorry about that, that’s a display bug. I’ll fix that in the next update.

I have no idea why the Humble team is taking so long this time, but I will email them about it again soon. Sorry for the delay.