[1.0.5] Win 10 - Proxigeist's Trait Doesn't Work with Itself

The description of Proxigeist’s trait, Projection, lists no restrictions other than a 50% chance of success. After testing however, I’ve found that Proxigeist doesn’t work with itself. Had a whole team of creatures fused with Proxigeists, and a Valor Chimera. Despite the Valor Chimera acting 7 times in total, neither of the adjacent creatures with Projection copied his actions. I should have had an over 99% chance of one of the two Projection users copying the Chimera.

So I pull out Chimera to test with a War Golem that isn’t fused with anything, Proxigeist on either side, and suddenly it works.

The issue certainly seems to be that Projection doesn’t work with itself, like the Animation creatures. But the description for Projection doesn’t mention that at all, nor does it have the “does not stack” line. According to the description, it should work with itself. I don’t know how it was intended to work of course, so I don’t know whether the way it works right now is the bug or if the description just needs fixed, but I do know the trait doesn’t do what it says it does right now.

Thanks for the report - the trait isn’t meant to work with itself so I’ll adjust the description.

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