[1.0.5] Win 10 - Reliquary's Synergy gives too much Health

The extra stats given by the reliquary’s synergy for health are significantly higher than expected. For example, with health relics giving 8%, 3.5%, and four at 2% with a synergy of 3%, I would expect to be gaining 0.585% maximum health. Instead, my creatures seem to be gaining over 16% maximum health from just synergy.

Here are the numbers I used to test:
Creature with 6024 max health and 6917 defense (a stat that synergy increases as expected)
Card bonuses: +3% max health and +1.3% defense
Synergy: +0.585% health and +0.888% defense
Expected stats after start-of-battle: 6241 health, 7069 defense
Actual stats after start-of-battle: 7203 health, 7069 defense

As you can see, health is about 15% higher than it should be. Anecdotally, players with higher synergy bonuses seem to have even larger discrepancies.

I tested this on a mimic with no fused trait, no other creatures, no perks or anointments, no artifacts or relics equipped, and all cards disabled. All of my guild bonuses are in the 1-3% range, but they shouldn’t be influencing this (and are too small to account for a difference this large)

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