[1.0.5] Win 10 - Traits that don't work as expected

These are five traits that don’t work as expected.

  1. Coward’s Embrace (Your creatures have a 40% independent chance to dodge, but they can’t deal critical damage. This trait does not stack.)
    When I have this trait, my creatures can still deal critical damage, both with attacks and spells.

  2. Consecrated Ground (This creature and its adjacent allies are immune to damage from minions.)
    This trait does not protect against damage from spiderlings or Torun Junior minon damage. (It does protect against zombies, unstable horror, dire wolves, and war)

  3. Master of Imlings (Your Imlers and Imlings take 5% less damage for each Imler and Imling fighting on your side. This trait does not stack.)
    Unlike the Mithril Imling (10% less damage per Imler/Imling), this trait does not count effects like Forest Pact that increase the number of creatures of a certain type. Furthermore, it seems to always ignore one creature. For example, if you had three imlings and Forest Pact, Master of Imlings would only give 10% damage reduction.

  4. Anneltha’s Grandiose (At the end of your creatures’ turns, their turn counter increases by 3 additional turns. In addition, your creatures act as if they have 3 more buffs, debuffs, and minions than they actually have. This trait does not stack.)

  • The two traits that count buffs, debuffs, and minions (Roost Watcher’s Gulper and Shadow Carnage’s Augmentation) are not affected at all by Grandiose. Gulper gets no extra damage and Augmentation gives no extra buffs if you kill one of your own creatures with it.
  • The damage from Leper Bloodletter’s Blood Boil also isn’t increased by Grandiose. The trait does no damage with no debuffs and Grandiose.
  • The Galaxy spell (small damage to all enemies, +10% for each buff on all party members) doesn’t get a damage increase from Grandiose.

There could be other traits that don’t work with Grandiose, but most seem to (insipid, liberation, lust for punishment, sugar rush, are all affected)

  1. Plague Scholar’s Insipid (Your creatures take 15% less damage for each debuff they have, up to a maximum of 75%. This trait does not stack.)
    This trait actually increases the damage your creatures take by 15% for each debuff.
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