1.0.5 - Windows 10 - Extreme Turn Time with Many Actions

I know this has been talked about a lot during development, but with many layered effects turns can become so excruciatingly long it makes the team utilizing long chains of synergy borderline unplayable. Its beyond the issue of just slowing down grinding and well into disrupting any gameplay where it applies. Any team I make that utilizes lots of stat gain, multi-attacks or casts, or effects with chain reactions I have to weigh the benefit of each trait or effect vs the delay it will add to turns when trying to use a team. To me Siralim is all about experimentation and I’ve abandoned many teams and grown jaded towards certain synergies and builds to the point of just not using them because of this problem.

There are two main offenders of this issue. The first is that turbo mode and turning off text doesn’t actually remove the delay as each action occurs in succession. I don’t know if this is a technical limitation and the game actually needs this time to do the math but I suspect its rather waiting for the UI to show changes. (This is NOT lag or slowdown, just a tiny delay between each individual effect.) Even if it needs yet another turbo setting I really wish these effects could simply happen as fast as possible without waiting to show sequence on the UI. If it simply cant be done due to technical limitations I absolutely understand but I haven’t seen that ever explicitly stated so I feel compelled to bring this up again.
An example of this is traits like Mender’s Oath (After your creatures are healed, they heal your other creatures for 25% of this amount. Your creatures receive 50% less healing.) and Unbidden Miracle (After your creatures are healed, they are healed an additional time, but they receive 50% less healing from all sources.) combined with Dreams of Ice (After your creatures are healed, they gain 25% Defense.) Healing your team once with these effects can take upwards of 15-20 seconds. If you start adding in stat gain copying (equal attack gain to defense, 50% of stats gained to attack, etc) and this can reach 30-40 seconds. If you have an automatic heal such healing from bleed, mending, any kind of autocasting, etc, turns can be delayed this 30-40 seconds PER CREATURE. If you heal on both the enemy’s and your turn, one “round” with each creature taking an action can require several minutes just waiting on these effects to trigger, not counting what you or the enemy creatures do even on turbo with all combat text off.

The second is attacks, effects, and multicasts targeting enemies occurring when there is no reason for them, such as attacking/casting with no enemies being alive, attacking empty slots on the enemy team, triggering effects that do nothing, etc. I suspect this is also very hard to code around without breaking something but some of the most clear cut ones being fixed would still make a big difference, such as effects continuing when the match is over.
It seems from my testing these problems don’t effect enemies; such that when you lose the match ends immediately and no more effects trigger. Your effects however will continue to completion even after enemies are dead/the match is won. A very simple example of this is the trait Anticipation (After an enemy is killed, this creature attacks random enemies 3 times) attacking empty spaces and continuing when the enemies have lost. If you add in multi-attacks (such as Bloodmage’s +1 attack per 20% missing health) you can have as many as 30 attacks sent into nothing if you manage to wipe the enemies in a single spell, or variable numbers of attacks sent into empty slots on the enemy team when the attacks kill an enemy during the “banked” attacks. To be clear, I mean the trait itself will target empty spaces even without multi-attack. The multi-attack just makes it takes much longer to finish.
This kind of problem also plagues caster classes that like to spam or multi-cast spells. They will continue casting even when enemies are dead, and single target spells will target empty spaces when they kill one or more enemies during the multi-cast.

If you’ve read this far thank you for your time and consideration. I’m sure these issues are far from a simple fix or they wouldn’t exist. I really love Siralim and it would be incredible if these issues could be improved so build variety would be more free. I want to reiterate that I totally understand if these are technical limitations but would appreciate any improvement in this area. Thanks again, and if you have questions or comments or want some more examples feel free to ask and I’ll do the best I can to help.


I’ve been having this same issue, I’m glad someone was able to put into words my current frustrations with the game.

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