[1.0.5] Windows 10 - Final Arbiter Setting Stat Higher Than Expected

Final Arbiter seems to be setting the lowest stat higher than it should. Realm Instability 0 against a mimic


========== CHARACTER ==========
PettiBunny the Rune Knight (Ascended)
Achievement Points: 4946 / 4958 (99%)
Time Played: 1460:53:34
Game Version: 1.0.5

Anointments: Ascendant

========== CREATURES ==========
Level 2333029 Night Koloss
Fused with Final Arbiter
Personality: Apathetic
Koloss / Nature

Health: 33595640
Attack: 17497735
Intelligence: 13298279
Defense: 11198559
Speed: 13298279

Innate Trait: Big Boned
At the start of battle, this creature gains Maximum Health equal to 35% of its Attack, Intelligence, Defense, and Speed. Then, these stats are set to their minimum values.
Fused Trait: In Favor of All
After start-of-battle effects are determined, this creature’s lowest stat is set equal to its highest stat.

Spell Gems:

edit: simplified build to make it easier to look at

Here’s what happens when these traits interact with each other:

  1. Your creature’s stats are modified by various effects like traits, artifacts, etc.
  2. Final Arbiter’s trait takes those modified traits and sets the creature’s base stats to the modified stats.
  3. Those base stats are then modified by other traits/effects, so they’re kind of double dipping. This is intended, though.

Ok, thank you for clarifying!