1.0.5 Windows [BUG] Carnal Genesis Moving to Bottom of Timeline

The Carnal Genesis (Any time your creatures are healed they have a 10% change to move to the top of the timeline) trait has the very disruptive effect of moving creatures to the bottom of the timeline any time more than one creature is affected by the perk at once. For example, any healing spell that heals your whole team carries the risk of moving some or all of your team (aside from the last creature to receive the effect) to the bottom of the timeline.

For example, if creature A and creature B both trigger the effect (in that order,) creature A will move to the top, then creature B will trigger the effect and move the top while creature A moves to the bottom. If all 6 creatures receive the effect, only the last creature to receive it will move the top of the timeline while the rest move to the bottom.

I could understand if this was for the sake of balancing to limit the triggering to only a single creature but as it stands its much, much worse.