1.0.5 Windows: Djinn Arcanomancer still consumes charges under certain combo

I can reproduce this bug very easily, although I’m not 100% sure I narrowed it down.

  1. Fuse a Rhododendron Fae with a Lip Animation.
  2. Stick an Djinn Arcanomancer next to it.
  3. Cast any spell with the Arcanomancer. For additional brokenness, use a Casts Twice gem.

The Arcanomancer’s gem will lose charges. If it’s a Casts Twice, it appears to lose FOUR charges, but I haven’t double-checked that.

While you’re at it, you might want to examine the team comp that I tried with this. As a Grovetender, I put my Herbaling inside 2 Rhododendron/Lip Fusions, added a Djinn Pyromancer and have the Arcanomancer cast Fury Swipes on the Herbaling. It’s hard to tell in the chaos, but it seems as if one of the Fusions doesn’t cast as many spells as it should. But that might just be me not following the battle properly.

OK, so I played with that team comp some more and confirmed it’s being next to the Fae thingies that are causing this.

Also, if you have TWO lip animations next to the same creature, only one will cast again. I’m not sure if this is intentional, but if it is, I would appreciate a “This Trait does not stack” on the description.

Both of these bugs appear to still be present in 1.1.0.