1.0.5 - Windows - Infinite T0 Glitch v.s. Chroma

slot1.sav (1 MB)

I’ve tried this particular Chroma fight at least three times, and every time I get stuck in a loop in T0 and my only options are to forfeit (provided the battle hasn’t gone long enough that the lag makes it impossible to forfeit) or exit the game.

I’m not entirely sure whether it’s Chroma, my team or the realm settings that are triggering it, but it does happen consistently on realm 470 so I’ve included my save so you can recreate the issue. Just enter the realm at instability 5, find Chroma, start fight and sit back.

I also don’t understand why Rainbow Shield is blocking Abnegation, since Abnegation should be classless damage (since it doesn’t come from a particular source). Maybe I’m misunderstanding?

Let me know if you have any further questions.