1.0.5 - Windows - Stand As One inflating enemy damage

Using an Abnegation Cleric build with the following traits and all perks:

Stand As One
Endurance Aura
Rise Above

Essential Dignity
Ruby Attunement

Dreams of Ice
Nature’s Blessing

Nutrient Blood

Stay Dead
Unbidden Miracle

Sense of Purpose
Master of Spirits

As noted, basically everything present only exists to inflate health growth or prevent damage. Despite this, during battles where the enemy survives long enough to interfere significantly (primarily bosses and some exceptions) my opponents generally grow more lethal as time passes without any relevant traits to suggest why this should be.

Typically the battle will start with my Mimic going first and everyone healing 35%+++ from Sense of Purpose. This balloons HP and DEF and gives everyone more damage mitigation from buffs and perk synergies. Often in boss fights HP is in the millions or billions and DEF frequently eclipses my opponents’ attack comfortably. As such I should be safe, generally, but instead the battle log and gameplay will show a creature take no damage and then share a wave of obliterating damage to it’s allies, often killing them instantly or near instantly. As far as I can tell the only thing that should be scaling this hard is if Stand As One isn’t sharing ‘this’ damage as it describes but new Strength of Soul amplified damage which I’ve seen instantly kill an ally with HP in the octillions in some cases.

Since removing Stand As One from the build, typically most enemies rarely do notable damage, period, outside of obviously highly synergistic circumstances. I’d like to make use of it further but it seems to be the root cause of inflating 0 damage incoming from foes into crippled teams.

Even if my speculation regarding it interacting with Strength of Soul specifically is incorrect, something seemingly hidden is inflating this damage despite no damage seemingly being possible at multiple times.

I’m unfortunately mostly stuck in bed (using a controller) so any pictures I have saved are phone pictures. Apologies for any quality issues in advance. Below is one of the clearest and most free of battle shenanigans pictures I was able to take.

Thank you for your time.

The traits you mentioned all appear to be working correctly. Keep in mind that Stand As One causes indirect damage though, so it won’t be mitigated by as much defense and could spike pretty high in that case.

It’s certain I’m missing some aspect of how the damage is being referred. So I’m definitely set to be getting parts of this wrong.

That said, part of why I was and am confused is that in a few of these fights my DEF and HP might as well have been infinite. In some of the Gate of the Gods fights the Abnegation was entirely prevented which left my stats to grow well beyond reasonable levels or any level of my opponent’s stats and well before Battle Fatigue would have been a real factor. How my opponent could have dealt even half of one creature’s HP in damage directly or indirectly is something that is part of why I felt this was an unintended bug. Especially as part of the upside of Stand As One is that it has that additional 50% damage mitigation.

As Stand As One says 'After your creatures take damage, your other creatures take 25% of this damage as well I suppose I’m at least confused how the initial target can take 0 damage and then allies take their entire HP total in one or two waves of referred damage. The damage being Indirect makes sense as it is cascading off the main target, but, with Stand’s bonus reduction, the otherworldly defender stats while using all the Cleric’s defensively oriented perks, it at the least seems confusing as the player to me.

As the last bit, Stand As One seemed to basically ‘work’ at lower life totals and with other classes (in my obviously limited experience). Often everyone would show 0 damage being referred after 0 dealt. Being attacked on turn one often led to no unexpected spillover even when damage was positive; however as the gap between the (still rising, hundreds of thousands) DEF and the (basically exponentially rising, trillions or beyond) HP grew (in this build situation) the faster I expected these wild waves of damage to cascade off of creatures as though their increased HP made their DEF worth less on average even though the shared damage was a fraction of the original and the ability has mitigation.

Regardless, I appreciate your time reading my overlong walls of text and your time responding earlier. I’m just going to go with me being ignorant of something for the present.

Thank you for your work.

Imagine your creature deals 100 damage with an attack, and all 100 of that damage is mitigated by the target’s defense. The net damage would be 0 in that case.

However, indirect damage is mitigated by far less defense than attacks and spells. Stand As One deals indirect damage, so going back to the example above, the net night damage might be something like 90 instead. Of course, these numbers would be heavily inflated in your case since you’re pretty far into the game.

Indeed. Thanks for the breakdown. I’ll try to keep this in mind going forward.

Appreciate your time once again.