[1.0.6] Android - Extended Reach (monk perk) not working as described

In-game description of perk:
Extended Reach (Monk)
Ranks: 20 | Cost Per Rank: 5
Anointment Available: Jotun
After your creatures counter-attack with Celerity, they have a 1% chance per rank to move to the top of the Timeline.

Observed effect of perk: I get attacked by enemy X. They miss, triggering 4 celerity counters. The second trips ‘Last Place - Extended reach’, which drops the enemy target to the bottom of the timeline, and the counterattacking creatures position in the middle of the timeline remained unchanged.

This seems to not match the effect described in the perk, as my creature is not moving up in the timeline, and nothing is moving to the top to take the next turn.

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