[1.0.6] Android - Hemlock Ent - Nutrient Blood Trait

I believe this trait (Hemlock Ent - Nutrient Blood) is healing a tad bit more than intended.

For testing I changed specs to Evoker (no perks) and the issue still reproduced. The Hemlock Ent is level 1 with nothing equiped or changed (Not fused, no spell gems/artifacts/relics etc.) The healing also seems to hit other creatures in the party as well (but for testing I only had the one Ent).

Repro steps:

  1. Summon Helmock Ent
  2. Go to any realm
  3. Enter a battle
  4. Have a creature with less than max HP begin their turn
  5. Observe massive healing

I believe this is the place / method for bug reporting but if not please let me know!

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