1.04 - Windows - [BUG?] - (Spell) Saving Grace and (Trait) Firestarter layering

This is a seemingly unintended interaction that I have noticed between the Life Spell Gem “Saving Grace” and the Pyromancer Perks / Anointments “Firestarter” and “Burn Their Corpses.”

1.) Saving Grace: [Life Spell Gem] - “Caster’s debuffs are removed and it gain Shelled. This spell cannot be cast manually, but has a 100% chance to cast when this creature takes damage that exceeds 25% of its Maxmimum Health.”
2.) Firestarter - “Enemies always have Burning.”
3.) Burn Their Corpses - “If an enemy dies while it is afflicted with Burning, it cannot be resurrected.”

Thus, the interaction proceeds as such:

The enemy is damaged. This triggers Saving Grace, which removes all of the enemy’s debuffs, including Burning. Burning is reapplied if the creature survives. However, if the creature died from the damage, Saving Grace still triggers, and the creature dies before Burning is reapplied by the Firestarter Perk. If an effect would resurrect that enemy, it successfully does so, bypassing Burn Their Corpses.

This is particularly annoying given the frequency of “Enemies Resurrect on Death”, “Enemies have Rebirth”, and similar effects at high Realm Instability. Given the way that Firestarter is worded, - that enemies ‘always have’ Burning - it seems to be an unintended loophole for ignoring the combination of those traits, resulting simply because of the way Firestarter is checked and reapplied in sequence after Saving Grace is cast. I suspect that similar Perks or effects such as the Bloodmage’s ‘Bloody Massacre’ for Bleeding are equally affected by Saving Grace, but I can not confirm.

That is the extent of the bug. It’s just a little extra annoying when enemies die and are resurrected, simply because a spell managed to remove the Burning that they’re supposed to “always” have.

I do want to talk about Saving Grace a bit, though, and suggest some balancing and quality of life tweaking. Maybe it’s confirmation bias because it has become one of my least favorite spells to see in the game due to this interaction, but I do feel like it has an alarmingly high frequency of appearing on random creatures. It genuinely seems as though 1 in 3 Life creatures has this spell gem, and I rarely go through a random encounter with a Life creature without seeing it at least once. This seems like an imbalanced ratio, given the number of Life Spell Gems that could otherwise be potentially equipped.

Ultimately it only bothers me because of how common the spell is, and how frequently it triggers. Thanks to Realm Properties like “Enemies Cast Spells X additional times”, I often find each creature in a battle casting Saving Grace 5, 10, or even more times per hit. It’s genuinely not hyperbole to state that many normal battles have their duration extremely inflated because of Saving Grace being cast so many times. Battles that should take seconds can take minutes instead, purely because the spell’s animation is occurring so often. This quickly adds up and becomes quite frustrating when it’s not actually affecting the battle itself, other than to make it last longer from excess casting animations.

Since Saving Grace has a 100% chance to trigger from a damage threshold, I think it would be simple for it to have a limiting clause, something like “This spell can trigger only once per turn” or “once per triggering effect.” It being cast multiple times from the same trigger does nothing to help it, since it removes ALL debuffs, thus additional simultaneous casts are meaningless and just waste time and charges. Either that, or it should perhaps have fewer default charges, since 15 enables it to be cast in such frequent repetition.

That’s it, sorry for the rant. I love Siralim Ultimate. I hate Saving Grace.