1.06 (iOS) Consistent crash from missing sprite textures when withdrawing fused monsters

Version: 1.06
Platform: iPhone 12

Error message: ERROR in action number 1 of Draw Event for object obj_creature. Trying to get texture from non-existing sprite.

Game hard crashes when attempting to withdraw certain monsters. From testing this seems to be happening with fused monsters. The process for recreating this bug every time is simply withdrawing fused monsters from either the withdraw option or from swapping saved party setups. This doesn’t occur when depositing a monster in my party and then withdrawing drawing them, probably because the sprites are already loaded. Testing this on non-fused monsters doesn’t cause this issue.

This is on a save file with about 22 hours in and current maximum realm depth is 60.

A fix for this is on the way, very sorry about that!

Good to know, thanks! I tried seeing if reinstalling the game would potentially fix this but made a mistake and forgot to save my cloud code so I unfortunately can’t keep testing this until it shows up again. All good though I was able to finish the story before doing this and am having fun trying out a different class.