1.1.1 Manjaro Linux - Vulcanar God shop wrong price?

The price of Decoration:Scorchettes is 2 instead of the standart 5 for decorations
Might not be a bug… but i dont remember seeing any decoration ever be 2 before.

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Adding to this, it seems Scorchettes isnt the only one with the wrong price in Vulcanar shop, cannot bother to farm up to 100 favor, but reaching 50, Vulcanar’s Throne also costs 2.
I can guess there may be more than those two.

It’s not the wrong price, every shop has at least one, maybe two.

Wouldnt that mean rather that every shop has atleast one wrong? although i dont remember zonte, which i got at 100, had any, nor any of the other gods i got at 50, pre and post 50 vulcanar.

Its inconsistent, and doesnt make any sense specially when said decorations have no notable characteristics that would make them cheaper. Also given the devs reaction i would say he too thinks they are wrong :T