[1.1.1] Win 10 - Brambleskin 100 giving unmitigated stat gains

Anger Management is the culprit for this example; the only perks used were it and Ascendant, with Metaphor as the fused trait alone in the party. As well, I don’t believe the resurrect is happening when I don’t have Anger Management on, but I wasn’t trying to observe that originally and it was the stats that alerted me to something wrong.

Edited to add that this is still occurring in 1.1.1 with the stat gain continuing on subsequent turns and with the source of healing as any of a spell, trait, perk, or the relic itself. I’m seeing a normal one-time resurrect and stat gain without Anger Management and was likely mistaken about it not working normally before.

Can you elaborate on what the actual bug/issue is, please? Brambleskin’s rank 100 perk appears to be working as intended, so I’m not sure what to look for.

I didn’t see it give stat increases more than once before 1.1.10 and believed that the wording meant even if the bearer hasn’t died and resurrected that it can’t be triggered more than once. I don’t have any earlier logs saved that would help me though. Sorry for the trouble if I’m misunderstanding!