[1.1.1 Windows 10] Vulpes + Archangel's blessing bugged?

Archangel’s blessing does not seem to count as a healing spell for the Cosmos/Decaying Vulpes abilities.

Discovered when using Corsac on a staff artifact and it would cast the 1st, 2nd and 4th healing spell available, skipping over Archangel’s Blessing.

Tested with cleric, spell weaver and trickster.

Tested with whole team of life creatures including Cosmos and decaying Vulpes, all with the Archangel’s blessing spell gem. Their abilities, Zerda and Corsac, will not activate the spell.

The spell gem also doesn’t qualify for the increased healing enchantment. This may be intentional as it is percentile healing, but other healing modifiers, such as from cleric, seem to increase the effect. Not qualifying for this modifier may also be why the Vulpes are unable to activate it. It may be missing a tag or other healing descriptor.

If it is intentional that this not be counted as a healing spell gem, it should have some kind of label saying so.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

TLDR; The quick black foxes jumped over the Archangel’s blessing.

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