1-2 damage done to enemy with extreme stats

  1. Bug
  2. Before the equality stat recalcuation bug is fixed I figured I should report that with such high stats my creatures attacks are only doing 1-2 damage to the enemy instead of 2-3 lines of damage perhaps. The 17 digits with non-zero numbers are off the screen to the left.

Windows 10
5. 1.1.1

  1. I noticed that the game uses 17 digits for precise stat gains with the rest being zeros. It seems strange that only one digit of damage is done to the enemy when my creatures have hundreds of digits in stats.

Ressurection revived one of my creatures for only 1 health.
Healing heals for 0 hp.
Blur and necromatic armor gain 0 in defense and/or speed.

That’s strange spell breath on my nether did 23, 39, and 99 damage to an enemy, but when one of my creatures attacked it did multiple lines of damage.