1 hit kills in realm 1

This is a cool game that I just started playing. I played a bit of Siralim 1, but never got too far (maybe to realm 15 or so).

In realm one, my creatures sometimes get killed by a single attack. There doesn’t seem to be much of a dealth penalty (you lose your items earned I think). But I’m wondering if this is normal? I guess I should be pumping points into defense?

Which class did you choose? I’d like each class to have a relatively easy time in the first realm, so if you’re getting one-shotted, that’s a problem!

Hi there, I picked the sorcerer. I was in realm 1 with the sorcerer and the summoner you get in the tutorial.

I was trying to clear out the whole realm by picking everything up. The first three or four battles would go well. And usually the fifth or so would end with one shot kills. This was usually after being told I completed the quest and to go back to nex using the teleporter. Happened three times I think.

I was just going to bypass this and run to the teleporter next time. I was wondering if there was something I needed to do in the nex to trigger new abilities or something.

Thanks for the reply.


Well, if a a Bard Balladeer is in the enemy team and they exploit your class weakness it can happen.
However no way Aja Birku should get one shotted

Could you explain it it detail, please? What is the enemy one-shot-team? What level are you and they? What is your team?

I also do not recommend putting deity points into defense better get some sorcery gimmicks like Echo, Mana or Wild Magic.


I was only on realm 1, so did not upgrade much except for attack in the starter monster.
And yes, it was always with one of those bard guys. I didn’t make the connection until you mentioned it. It would be a bard and one of the weird green looking forest gorilla type monsters.

I would encounter them, use attack, and after my round, things would happen pretty fast. I’d get one-shot.

Again, this is in the first realm right after the tutorial. Not complaining, just wondering if that is intended.

I’ll try again in the morning and give more details.