1000-10000% LESS XP BUG !!! CANT LEVEL UP!!!

When i kill level 55 enemies :

  1. My level 1 creature gets 1000 xp and 10 levels.
  2. My level 20 creature gets 20 xp, and 0.001 levels (need to kill 1000 enemies to level up).
  3. My level 54 Saia (necromancer) gets 240 xp and 0.1 levels (need to kill 10 enemies to level up).

My level 20 creatures are stuck at level 20 forever with no way to level up (apart from 1000 fights per level bug).
Even creatures at the stable are higher level, except those level 20s. These level 20 are regular creatures i summoned from brazier, no reason why i am unable to level them up. I am lvl 44 necromancer.

Here is the battle damage ratings, all damage is done by the level 20s and they get no xp in return ???
Lvl 54 Saia: 2000 dmg
Lvl 1 creature: 0 dmg
Lvl 20 creature x4: 4000 dmg.

Too bad, the creatures who do the real damage (4k entire fight), get only 20 xp from fights.


Thanks for the report. I’ll take a look, but I’m also closing this topic and giving you a final warning: this kind of behavior isn’t acceptable here.