101 and critters on the wall!

Today my 1st death in the new Siralim 2 occured.
My 1st 2hrs in I got into a fight with a boss on realm lvl 3.He was a shade monster with 5 buddies.
I thought right on you die!I was shocked he gave his whole army invs after they took dmg.
The hard hitting baddies bested me with a cloaking skill!
This game has come along way from Siralim 1 and todays critter on the wall a classic!
Fallen Carnage is scaled down from the older version but every bit as useful.
His ability to keep on going is keeping me going when the hordes of foes keep coming.
Death #1 is a important lesson for me on how a enemy can easily just elude you if you rely on just the attack option.

Death#2 My chaos mage was trolling things with my Lich Sahdowcaster(Trait:all your creatures cast death spell as if they had 100% more int.This trait does not stack)I gave him a artifact with int,mana and Hail to the King(Trait your creaure can cast all death magic but at 50% more mana).Then it happen in the realm of punishment I ran into a Minotaur Juggernaught.The 1st round I killed all of his friends!He took me by surprise by putting up a barrier I couldn’t even dent.He slowly killed my entire party from behind a barrier effect.I learned how important it was to have spell gems like warp reality to get those toughies from behind
their massive safeguard.Lich Shadowcaster is the critter on todays wall.This guy adds more bark and bite to every death spell.

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