2.07? Did I just miss something?

I went to download the latest version from Deservedly HumbleBundle, and ended up with 2.07. Since the latest version discussed above is 2.06, and HB is always 24-48 hours late, what have I got in hand, so to speak?

You’re good, that sounds about right. You’re up to date as far as I understand, for Windows; yes? The different devices aren’t all on the exact same update at the same moment, generally due to differences in platforms and their updating systems.

Juncboks is correct - 2.0.7 just contains a few bonus bug fixes and it’s actually the latest version on all platforms (except iOS…amazing how long it’s taking Apple to approve this update).

Maybe the reviewers can not stop playing the game :wink:

Gosh…It seems to take forever for an important update that would prevent crashes. Also, daily realm crashes really ruin my tempo.