2.1.0 Impressions

First off, critical spell patches:

Fire Storm: Is broken as hell. Burn5 on an entire enemy party at the cost of one turn is absolutely insane and will wipe them instantly, and this includes any player party that doesn’t have a Volcanic Efreet. Patch this now, because it doesn’t care about Spell Power at all, and if your goal was to lower player TPK by spell, this will increase it massively.

Mind Wrack: Not as outrageously broken as Fire Storm, but a guaranteed full party stun is no joke, let alone the guaranteed Wrath. I would advise dividing these into two seperate spells, with one inflicting Wrath and the other inflicting Stun + something else, maybe Weak or Bleed. As it stands, this spell is another party killer, and one that is completely unaffected by the drop in enemy Spell Power.

Giant’s Strength: The least critical of the three, but this is definitely unbalanced. 300% Attack boost that doesn’t take a turn? Either the free mechanic needs to be taken off or the boost needs to be lowered because tripling anything’s Attack should not be this easy.

Finger of Death / Disintegrate: Are these supposed to work on Nethers now?

Gameplay Changes


Really liking the new Arena concept so far, giving players a guaranteed method of getting Pills and legendary mats at difficulty was a good mechanical change. Also, the changes to challenge level make deep-diving in Arena somewhat more impractical than before, which was necessary considering that there are now actual rewards for doing so.

This said, it took me two dives to get ~400 points, for what was, until I bought chests with it, effectively no reward. The Pills and Orbs are fairly priced IMO, but everything else is impractically expensive, and I can’t see myself at any point spending currency on what is measurably 1/10th to 1/3 of my next Pill or Orb. You should be able to comfortably get a lesser reward or two each Arena visit, IMO, with the big prizes taking at least five Invitations (which they do, to your credit).

Relevant questions about the Arena: do chests spawn at Castle level (I.E. Realm 1)? Are cores fully randomized, or can they only come from creatures you’ve already unlocked?


Sigils are massively improved, and my game is now noticeably loading faster. I’d offer more feedback, but this is just geniunely an improvement on all fronts, from searchability to convenience. Good stuff.

Pocket Dumpling:

I never got why people complained about this in the first place, but hopefully this will satisfy them.

Mite Gravedigger:

Not sold on this; I think it needs a conditional ressurect, but percentage chances make it too similar to LO or Soul Reaper. Perhaps it should wait a turn before rezzing itself, or the creature it shares a column with has to be alive for it to rez.


I haz a sad. :-\

For the most part, I agree with the spells. Though I’d leave Mind Wrack as it is, and put in resistances to Stun. I’ve wanted that for a long time. There should probably be a creature or two with stun resistance (drops it to a % chance to stick) for themselves, and one that gives a smaller amount to the team.

The arena seems fairly balanced. At higher levels, you will end up with more points, but that’s fine. There’s a couple people getting in the 1000s with unlimited builds per run, but getting 2-3 pills at that point isn’t a big deal. Plus it still takes a good bit of time.

I like the new pocket dumpling. The trade-off before was that you couldn’t pick your effect, but you didn’t have to micromanage (which was pretty horrible). Now you get the best of both worlds, and it really is useful.

For Cradle to the Grave, I like it (I think I originally recommended the idea :P). It’s still 100% at first, which beats all but the one that can only rez once. 80% is still better than all the other % rez’s. So you’d need to die 3 times before it really gets down to the power level of others. Plus rezzing at 1 HP is still very useful for Final Oblation. Now it’s just a really handy ability, not one that 100% of the people will want 100% of the time.

I think the raid balance was needed, though I was sad, too. There’s a reason why all my mages in my save files started turning into nature mages. It was just so good that it was the most obvious character class for deep runs.

I like most of the new version, but the one thing that really makes a big change is the Pica nerf. This makes the Pilwiz from a useful creature to useless when trying to clear a realm. Mine goes from (at end of realm) from doing eg 1000 damage to in a set battle doing 100 damage.

Oh well, was useful while he lasted. Time to replace him :slight_smile:

I’m wondering how the HP vs Def argument changed?
I just started the game.I’ve got over 100hrs of play time total.40hrs on my current game.
I put in alot of 10hr days into the game:DI’m in the lower lvl realms.I take it to lvl10 and stop.
I’ve got 2 nethers lvl 40ish and a party of 80’s.My level is 104 life mage.
I find early off all defense and hp to be the way to go for leveling a new dude in the 1st 5 realms.
Then I use hp mostly and swap off my def artifacts for atk versions.I still use that Siren Oracle with filter of truth.That seems to save me from everything but insta death nonsense.High hp takes me for the win.Usualy have 1 hp or spd enhance on my artifact.My nethers have 2k+hp 3 activations on 8rubies.I’ve cleared a lvl 40 realm with my set up however I casted a ton of spells all the time to get anywhere.The HP was what brought me the victories.
Are there any changes?Can somebody get me a better survivability with a def splash?
I’m talking statwise not ability.I’ve only unlocked tier 1 monsters so I can climb higher if I want to for the time being using spd/spell scroll blasting.I was shocked at snowstorm and the night sword combo.Alot of mishaps make me cast alot of major rez or mass heal.
When I stock up my scrolls I take a swing at another higher tier realm.
I can say for sure HP and life mage perks carry me more then any level of defense.