2 Traits that likely need rework

Both traits are for the Concoctions, these 2 in particular would only work in PVP but unless we get PVP these traits in particular are useless in their current state.

Gooarrior: Overcome
After this creature Attacks, it gains the trait from the enemy’s Artifact’s trait slot.

Enemies even on instability 5 dont equip traits on their artifacts so this one has no use.

Sludgechemist: Reticence
Enemies’ Artifacts’ Spell Slots are ignored.

Same reason as Gooarrior, enemies don’t equip anything on their artifact spell slots.

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True they are not useful for you. However they do work ON you as I assume you have traits and spells on your artifact slots so I say keep them.

While these DO work AGAINST you, there are artifact trait materials for both of these traits, implying that they are there for you to use into your team and their artifacts. There is no purpose for them to exist if there is no use on your own team, these 2 traits are the only traits that do nothing for you when you use the creature. I don’t see a single reason they would ever be summoned, which I think somewhat defeats their purpose in a mon collector.

Them being an exclusive boss trait that you have to face would make way more sense as its balanced against the player but when its a common creature that you can summon along with the other 900+ creatures, it just doesn’t fit the mold of a creature ability.


Originally, enemies were going to have these slots - looks like I forgot to change these traits after deciding against it, though. I’ll revamp these in the next patch!


Hey Zack, since you are looking at traits that don’t do much, I’d suggest beefing up the Stag Overseer trait Touched By The Gods. As it stands, it only increases a fully upgraded gem with Chance to Cast Twice from 97% to 100%, which is hardly noticeable. Perhaps doubling Magnetic effects from 15% to 30% would be better?

Also, I would personally be in favor of introducing enemies that have equipped Spell, Trait and Nether Stone slots equipped on their Artifacts.

Definitely missed that one too, thanks for pointing that out!

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