25 minutes of Petra and Aes going off on one

Version: 0.6.11
Platform: Windows 10

With a level 21 Petra and Aes, running a Phoenix team with a macro set to check for living allies and dark ritual them to proc revivals and buffets, fighting the Nether Boss Kiichi in what was a long battle involving probably 5-6 rounds of teamwipes and instant revivals ended with 25 minutes of turboing through Petra and Aes attacking a dead field.

If you’re wondering, I gave up. That wasn’t going to end. It seemed to only exist in the space of a single turn, and I can see no reason why Petra and Aes decided to step up to the plate on this one. I wish it didn’t.

I don’t know if this is a bug, but it has all the hallmarks as far as I can see.

EDIT: if it’s at all relevant, my team constantly flashed blue a set pattern that resembles the checks my macros do for members of the party. First check party member 1’s alive, then check left of the casting phoenx, then right, and the other two in ascending numerical order. I had been holding E throughout. This may have contributed, but again I cannot fathom how.

EDIT 2: Also I’m a maxed out necromancer in this situation.