300k speed per creature after buying Nature mage perks

I am not sure which is it, I think it’s Hybridization. I just spent all my Deity points on a few of them and noticed my creatures all had 200k-300k speed in ‘other’ column. My recent bred creatures all inherit only speed from gene strength. Does anyone have similar problem? My defence and HP were normal though, is this intended?

I don’t think it stems from the Nature mage perk.
Eventually, all creatures migrate to speed as the primary stat (seemingly). I think someone did some testing, and even slow-as-dirt creatures like Giants ended up with tons of Speed eventually.

My opinion is that GS should be an allocation-based attribute, or at the very least, pick 3 player-defined stats to transfer when breeding.

No they do not. Gene strength always gravitate towards the strongest stat. The “problem” is that gene strength takes creature perks into account meaing if you have 10 points in speed but not in health/attack/defense/int your creatures will lean towards speed as their primary stat. You currently are able to pick 3 primary stats by correctly breeding paragorns to “fix” the weighting of stats on your creatures (you can use any other creature with the desired primary stats but paragorns are easiest because each paragorn corresponds to a specific stat).

As for the OP’s problem: It might be a display issue from the Raid perk that allows your creatures to go first. If you have the resources/materials try to use a trait that increase/decrease speed by a percentage and see how much speed actually is changed. I remember a similar situation in Siralim 1 where speed would show extremely high values because of a Topaz paragorn (S1 trait: Your creatures go first) outside of combat.

It was me who did testing on speed and it was caused by having basically all speed cards and some points in the speed perk when I was doing a swiftcasting team. I think there have been changes to it and cards aren’t taken into account when breeding anymore. In the more recent patches I have been able to breed with the expected stats.

How to undo the stats on the creatures? I’ve use potion to forget, others show ‘0’ speed but my creature stat from ‘gene’ is still towards speed. Before that they had 6000-8000 INT, now the INT is at 10-200 others even lower and speed still remain at 6000+.