5/26/2017 Giveaway: win a copy of Siralim 2 on Steam!

We have 5 Steam keys for Siralim 2 to give out today!

Simply reply to this topic for your chance to win.

This giveaway will be closed tonight at 9PM EST.

One post per person. Multiple posts = disqualification!


The giveaway is done! The following people won (I chose 6 instead of 5 on accident and decided to run with it):


Keys will be sent via forum PM.

Thanks to everyone for participating!

I’m interested :slight_smile:

I am interested. I have friends who need to play this awesome game.

I am interested. I like siralim a lot

I’m interested. I own the Android version of Siralim 2.

I’d love to enter!

I am interested too.

this games is awesome, i love rpgs roguelike

I’ve been playing this game nonstop since the last weeks
A copy to give to friend would be greatly appreciated!


A post

A friend forwarded this to me

thanks for the chance~ and goodluck to all

I’m interested, the game looks interesting

I’d like to join the giveaway, if that’s alright. :]

Here’s a simple reply to this topic for my chance to win.

in interested in this game and in the upcoming game you are making :slight_smile:

Replying for a chance to win - thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the last call, interested.

I enjoy game.