5/5/2017 Giveaway: win a copy of Siralim 2 on Steam!

We have 5 Steam keys for Siralim 2 to give out today!

Simply reply to this topic for your chance to win.

This giveaway will be closed tonight at 9PM EST.



Thanks to everyone for participating! Winners will be contacted with their keys via forum PM.

List of winners, chose at random:
Drake Dangereux

Good luck everyone! 8)

Wow this contest hit right when I was pondering if i should buy it… (already have the game on iOS and PS4… but now i got a new PC)

Siralim 1 feels lonely in my steam library !

Alright, replying! Thanks for the opportunity for the great game.

Would love to win so I can give the code to my brother :slight_smile:


Seriously, thanks for doing these :slight_smile:

I would love to win a copy of Siralim 2! ;D

In fact, today it’s my birthday (you can check on your post on Facebook - Rafael M.) and this game would be an awesome birthday gift!

Looking forward to your next game too. Can’t wait for the announcement.

Thanks for hosting this giveaway!! I would love to win it so my brother can finally see what I am talking about XD

I hope it is not too late, i wantto build the heaviest huge ugly flesh golem from all monster of the world

thanks, i love procedural rpgs, i’m waiting for your giveaway

Thanks for the giveaway. Haven’t had a chance to play Siralim 2 yet. I own the first game on PS4 and I enjoy it a lot.

Thanks for the opportunity!

I already have a copy for steam and mobile but I would love to introduce my friends to siralim

nice i loved this game then i saw it on steam

by the way can someneone tell me if i go directly to the siralim 2 i will lose something from siralim 1 like not undestanding the history?


Hey! Good luck everyone! See you in game!!

Lemme win

Hey all! I wish you all good luck in the giveaway!