6.20 Unientended Interactino of Boss Fights and Betrayal Trait

The Betrayal Trait, which causes the creature to kill its allies when they are damaged below 40% health and gain 100% of their non-health stats, interacts oddly with boss battles since bosses are immune to instakill effects. Whenever a boss creature has this trait(generally appears when fighting a nether boss when the realm is occupied by carvers) the creature gains the stat bonuses whenever an ally takes damage below 40% health, but does not kill them because of boss immunity. This makes the trait very oppressive as the creature rapidly balloons to the effective stat cap. The problem seems to be the stat gain being triggered by allies taking damage below 40% health, not to the kill ally effect happening successfully. This could be solved by either the stat gain being tied to the ally kill going through(basically negating the trait for boss fights), or by making an exception for the betrayal kill effect to work on boss creatures.