"A" button bugging out

  1. Bug
  2. During a battle, if I receive a notification on my phone and I leave the Siralim app to go check out that notification (this happens often when calls come in since I have to leave Siralim in those cases), then when I return to Siralim, the “A” button stops working on certain actions. For example, during battle you can generally press “A” to speed through combat action descriptions each turn, but in the buggy state, pushing “A” does nothing and I have to wait until all the descriptions finish on their own. This is a minor annoyance, but what is game breaking is that after the round of combat notifications finish, my combat menu comes up and I am now supposed to choose what to do with my creature. Here, “A” does work in allowing me to select which action to take, but if I select “Attack”, I cannot confirm the target to attack. When I select attack, and then move the selector to my desired target and press “A”, nothing happens. I can select “attack”, I can move my selector using the directional buttons, but pressing “A” again to confirm my selection does nothing.
  3. iPhone 6
  4. Should be the newest one, but I can’t tell because it’s not on the battle screen
  5. see #3

Thanks for the information! I’ll see what I can do.