A chance to have a free Breed from monsters in the stable


I’d like to have some chance to get my monsters in the stable to have babies while i’m busy exploring realms… Maybe with a new perk, or with the perk that gives xp to monsters in the stable. So i may get a free monster from time to time : instead of destroying the parents in the process, they simply mate and give an egg “for free”.

This is a neat idea for a perk. Free egg every so often appears in the stable (as though two random creatures in the stable had bred).

I worry that it would be exploitable if you could just run super-powerful realms repeatedly to get free eggs. So it would require a bit cleverness to make sure it wasn’t overpowered.

Maybe a single point Perk with 50 points.

Maybe everytime your Mage gets one level, if you have breeding monsters, you get one random egg.

Random, i mean, if you have several options of breeding, one is picked at random.