A couple minor iPad issues

iPad Air 2 with iOS 12.0.1.
Siralim 3 1.0.5.

I found a couple small issues this morning.

  1. MFi controls: d-pad has no auto-repeat. When moving around with the analog stick, the character will keep moving if you hold the stick, and menu movement will auto-repeat after a short delay, as expected. The d-pad does neither of these, and the character will only move one space at a time, and the menu cursor doesn’t auto-repeat. Not sure if this was intentional, to allow for making precise movements around the map.

  2. Note input: screen shifts upward, and stays there. I have a bluetooth keyboard case on my iPad, and when I go to edit a Note, the screen shifts upward a bit to make room for the grey shortcut bar that appears at the bottom of the screen (with undo, copy, paste, etc.). This in itself isn’t a problem, but the game screen doesn’t shift back down after finishing text input and closing the shortcut bar. You end up with a white strip at the bottom of the screen, and the top of the game screen cut off. Suspending and resuming the app SEEMS to be a workaround for recentering it.