A couple of possible bugs

Hello again, while the crashing has stopped and I have had no further game breaking issues, I have noticed a couple of things that might require your attention. I am on the latest version, android platform but I’m not sure that’s relevent. My cloud save is 714617734493, I think you’ll need to see this for yourself.

The first issue is that my mite gravedigger’s betrayal trait seems to activate way too many times. I have seen it go off 10+ times before and I can’t for the life of me figure out why, unless it’s classified as a spell or attack somehow.

The other thing is that dusk ossein’s forbearance and hemomancer’s bleed out aren’t interacting the way I would expect. I would expect my creatures to be resurrected with 100% + 100% health and then half their og health, ending with them at 25% health but 200% max health from their original stat, but it doesn’t seem to be working that way, afaict edit: creatures will sometimes resurrect with their original max health and sometimes double it, and then go down to half of their current max health in either case.

Of course, I could just be misunderstanding how these things work, in which case someone please enlighten me!

Thank you,

Oh right, I always play on complexity 5, usually gambler’s den. All you have to do is hold A in battle. You’ll win. Let me know if you need any more info.

Some more info on betrayal; I don’t think it’s a classification issue, if it was considered an attack or spell it would only repeat if my mite gravedigger was missing health, but it seems to happen randomly regardless of his health. I am also using renaissance, the rift dancer trait, but theoretically that should only affect effects (?) that apply on resurrect, not death.

Also, please don’t prioritize this, I’m sure you have enough on your plate and this is basically a buff for me anyway. Lol.