A couple of questions.

I just bought this game from steam last saturday so after playing the game for a day or so i had some questions. Most of them i roughly got the answer from this forum but i still had some.

So here some of them.

  1. I found a few legendary enchantment but i am hesitant to use them. If i use them, can i get them back if i salvage the artifact?

  2. From the forum the primary stat of a artifact is based on the character level at the moment it drop. So it is possible to reroll the primary stat later so is the artifact destined for the salvage pile?

  3. When salvaging an artifact, what do you actually get back? Does the level matters?

  1. I think you can, but the percentage chance is so small as to be negligible. Don’t ever salvage an artifact that has a legendary on it.

  2. You cannot reroll primaries, but as a primary stat is equivalent to a single common enchant at your level equivalent when you find it, it’s almost negligible compared to the other ten enchants you’ll get. Don’t be afraid to keep using old gear, especially if most of its enchants are rare or it has a useful legendary.

  3. Most of the time, when you salvage an artifact you get back some common materials that boost a stat or raise a defense. If it has a buff/debuff chance, you get a decent shot at a single-material drop of whatever makes that effect. The level isn’t important, only the number of enchants, since you’ll get one drop for each one.

Thanks for the reply.
But now i need a bit of bonus advice. The castle quest where we have to craft the nether egg, should i go all in (max gem lvl of fav creature) or should i just get it over with?

I suggest making a defensive nether(red orb) and only invest in ruby, topaz and maybe sapphire. It will be your weakest nether ever but can still protect a team until you get more powerful ones. If you already have additional orbs you can consider skipping the tutorial orb.

Any fully activated orb will advance the tutorial as well as any combination of gems. Once you get access to the arcane vault there is no need to rush anything since you get the last building after

Defensive creatures I only have access to stronghold and springtime aspect I think. I will probably go with stronghold.
Should I max the gems?

Yes, might as well get the most out of it :slight_smile:

Stronghold or springtime aspect are good early tanks. I would suggest Stronghold for its reliability. Just add a bit topaz or it will be too slow. And yes, always use max level gems.

I have a Nether Stronghold on my main file and he’s a good tank for my other creatures. :slight_smile: Still working on getting another Nether that I like–although most of my playtime on that file was before Zack made getting Nether Orbs easier, and I started a new file after he did so.

Remember that once you get your orientation in-game, if you decide to start another file you can skip the castle quests (they are essentially tutorials).

All right thanks.

1 more thing. I saw some merchant that sells cores but I could only afford the cheaper ones. Are those cores exclusive to the merchants or would I be able to unlock them later?

You can unlock them all later. There are no merchant-exclusive cores.

What about Corrupted Phoenix? Or is that a powerspell core?

Yeah, that’s a powerspell core.

To give some more info on the original post questions:

-there is a crazy small chance to salvage legendary artifacts, so I wouldn’t chance it, however, you are capable of getting that legendary material later from drops out major sigil battles, so don’t think you’re stuck with that artifact. While sticking with old artifacts with legendary abilities is good, if you find another legendary with the same ability, don’t be afraid to upgrade!

I am starting to get a hang of things but i still have trouble surviving in high lvl realm. Which level do i have to go to see the rarer drops like demon dust and nether orbs?

If you put points into lot Hoarding and duty reward Perks, you can find them sometimes in realms around 20 or so. You can find then at lower levels too, but it’s not as easy.

Realm 20+ got it, thanks.

1 more thing, I read that nether orb activations have diminishing returns. At what number would be practically 0 returns?

A pay that Zack gave us a while ago said is not exact, but the returns are something to the effect of 1 activation for a type is 1x, 2 activations is like 2x, 3 is like 2.75x, and so on. So I’d say that if you want to get the best bang for your buck, three or for activations would be as far as you should go. That being said, if you really just want to have one or two crazy beefed up stays and the others aren’t really a concern, like for some tanks or pure attackers, spring all of them into two types isn’t necessarily bad. I have a crazy powerful nether that I put almost all of my activations in one pool for and having its other stats around the normal creature level doesn’t bother me at all because of how super-effective they are at their job.
So to answer your question, 3 to 4 max. But don’t feel forced to do that if you think you’d rather have it another way.