A Couple QoL Suggestions

I wrote down some suggestions throughout my entire playtime thus far. A majority of my list had commonalities with the community, and some of those were already addressed/implemented… So thank you!

Here are some suggestions with explanations that I think would smooth out some of the kinks:

The Big One

• Allow us to lock Netherstones! The addition of disenchanting them and allowing them to go back into our inventory was huge, thank you. On higher RD’s, stones drop regularly and quickly clutter up that inventory. After salvaging the junk and keeping the good ones for later use, they very quickly become lost in the junk again making you have to find them. A quick visual indicator of what’s locked would fix this issue allowing us to salvage the junk quickly, perhaps a sort of “locked/unlocked” too.

Menagerie QoL

• Going into “Manage Menagerie Groups”, put swap above assign. I’ve accidentally overwritten a team more times than I can count, so I had to leave that first space blank. On a controller, buttons seem very sensitive so I often get double taps on selections.

Spell Gem’s Getting Kicked Off

• If at all possible, a workaround for booting illegal spell gems off creatures. Even though you can lock them so you know what’s being used in the inventory, if you’re no longer using a team and those spell gems are no longer needed - Not knowing what spell gems have been decommissioned gets confusing when you have multiple instances of the same spell in the inventory.

Some possible solutions: Allow all spell gems on all creatures, but you can’t enter realms with an illegal setup just like some other situations. Or, allow us to lock/unlock spell gems when they’re equipped on creatures. Since the spell gem inventory has a reliable Lock/Unlock sorting feature… Finding the decommissioned unlocked spells would be easy.

More Item Set pages

• Currently there are 6 pages, which is an ok amount if you only have a couple teams. Some more pages would be appreciated though. If you were to have a team for each spec which i’m working towards, i’m not sure there is enough space. I do it a little different though, I put spaces inbetween the team setups for organizational purposes and have quickly run out of space.

Global Card/Guild Stat Boosts

• An option to turn these off just like the regular card buffs would be nice. Makes getting accurate results with new teams and traits harder to do as all baseline stats are inflated.

Artifact Locking

• Very minor, but would be a welcomed change for the ones I have more rare traits on. There is a sorting option for locked/unlocked, but no way to do that unless I’m missing something.

Royal Anointment Loadouts

• Another minor one, but again would be very welcomed. Maybe an option under the wardrobe decoration for a couple Royal anoinment setups you have saved?

Thanks for reading and/or any future considerations, and thanks for making this great game!