A few impressions after my first 96 minutes

According to Steam, at least. I like lists. They’re cleanly and easy to read! So I’m going put my thoughts down in a list because yes.

[ul][li]First off, a simple typo in an early dialog box. After warping back to Siralim from the tutorial “discussed” is misspelled as “disussed.”[/li]
[li]Call me impatient, but I’d like to be able to skip the rolling numbers while things are tallying post-battle. Minor thing though, hardly deal breaking.[/li]
[li]I accidentally discarded my first sorcery rune when I reflexively hit confirm on looting it, then tried to equip it in a few quick button presses. An option to equip runes from the item list would be nice instead of only having the option to discard it. For that matter, a confirmation that defaults to “no” might be nice.[/li]
[li]Angry Tiki God Dude amused the hell out of me. He’s basically my repressed inner voice any time children are involved.[/li]
[li]I really like being able to have a full party from the get-go instead of having to level to 20. That said, however, is there ever going to be a reason to run with less than a full party? In the first game, enemies always came in full parties once you were capable of doing so, so power-levelling a new critter with a high-level “tutor” was a bad idea.[/li]
[li]Are strongholds intended to miss every attack? I know their purpose, I just want to make sure that was supposed to happen.[/li]
[li]The streamlining of battles is a GODSEND. No more spamming the X key just to get to the point. Seriously, that simple use of float text made things infinitely more user friendly.[/li]
[li]Pixel font is gone. :([/li]
[li]The game bizarrely returned itself to windowed mode after I quit to menu. In addition to that, it stuck itself cleanly between both of my monitors, which usually implies resolution change. What resolution does Siralim run at fullscreen?[/li]
[li]Speaking of exiting, could I possibly convince you to allow us a “quit to desktop” option? It’s a first world problem, I know, but something of a pet peeve of mine.[/li]
[li]The starry background in the summoning chamber can be triggered from the bottom right corner of the stable. It pops up a few “brightness stages” in, then disappears back to black just as quickly. Minor bug doesn’t deserve its own thread.[/li]
[li]NPC mentioning illusory walls, but attempts to walk through all walls in the castle met with many situations of “muggle trying to enter platform 9 3/4”. If the secrets don’t show up until upgrades are added, maybe that particular NPC shouldn’t spawn until then?[/li]
[li]I highly approve of the increase in variance in creature abilities. Instead of things like “Gain X stat on attacking”, there’s many more unusual things. The Iron Golem in particular has a really cool-sounding ability that I can’t wait to test out.[/li][/ul]

Are strongholds intended to miss every attack? I know their purpose, I just want to make sure that was supposed to happen.
-Dodging is Speed based now, and Strongholds have notoriously low speed values. Best thing is to Defend with them, so they gain the extra mitigation.
That being said, mine attacks because I have Multistrike and Panic Attack (procs on attack) gem.

Dodging is my bane, however.