A few newbie questions

Are the spells and runes that are “sold” by the various gods also available as drops, or are they like the critters and only available direct from the deity?

Do spell gems slotted in extra slots granted by an artifact count as permanent or temporary spells?

If I fail to remove artifact/spells from a critter before breeding it, will those items be lost ? (not something I wish to test, but I’ve no doubt i’ll get clumsy and forget to remove at some point)

Are there any ways to increase gene level apart from breeding?

How are the resource bonuses on artifacts applied? I have several toys with bonuses but they dont seem to make a difference to the end of battle awards.

1 - Anything sold by gods is exclusive to them.

2 - Permanent.

3 - They’re just unequipped. You can create item sets to reequip them to the new creature.

4 - No.

5 - The bonuses are added before any modifiers (so, for example, if you’re fighting really weak enemies with a +40 Granite artifact, you may only see a +4).