A few perceived Rune Knight issues, and some suggestions

Hey there, I made a series of suggestions on the Discord but thought I’d give it another go here, just to keep it all together/more organized. It’s a really fun specialization IMO, but I think it could use a couple tweaks.

#1: Spells that Destroy Ethereal Spell Gems

The specialization’s entire wheelhouse can be easily nullified with Spell Leak, since everything revolves entirely around the rune spells. Granted, this doesn’t seem to be common but when it happens, it feels really bad, and there’s no way to re-gain rune spells in battle or a hard way to prevent this. I would propose that rune spell indestructibility is rolled into an existing perk, maybe Ruse.

#2: Ruse & Empowerment interaction.

Ruse gives your rune spells Magnetic, Cascading and some Defense penetration. Empowerment makes your rune spells no longer consume charges once the conditions are met. But when Empowerment triggers, that also means that the player will get no benefit from Ruse’s Cascading (since charges aren’t consumed anymore). I would propose adjusting Empowerment to something like “If a creature’s rune spell has 0 charges, it gains X charges at the beginning of its turn.” That would help keep Cascading relevant for teams that aim to use all 5 classes.

It may be the case that Ruse is intended to benefit single-class teams that opt to maximize & stack the benefits of one rune spell. I don’t know for sure what the intention is, so I’m just tossing this out for consideration.

#3: Rune spell debuffs:

Undermine allows rune spells to apply a particular debuff. Though for the Cor, Nax & Sah runes, (Burning, Poison & Bomb, respectively), these debuffs don’t line up with the stats used in the corresponding rune spell (despite being thematic in their coupling). Again, I’m not 100% on the intent. From a player perspective, oftentimes we’re prioritizing the “main” rune stat, so these debuffs can feel a bit wasted. I would propose swapping them out for more general-use debuffs, like Weak, Vulnerable, Frozen, Stone, etc.

Thanks for reading!

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