A few problems, but love this game so much!

Hello! I am new to (and absolutely love) Siralim2; it is the only Siralim game that I have played. I have it on the PS4 and I would love to see Siralim3 on Australia’s PSN!

I have however had some problems, and there is one in particular that I would be very grateful if anyone could help me with it, so here goes:

  1. The blue salamanda in certain battles has caused my PS4 to crash.

  2. The last save spot has a bug where the save function stops working.

  3. This is the one I desperately want help with - Lister won’t ‘level up’. My favor with him is stuck on 2999 and when I talk to him, he replies as he would if you didn’t have enough points. I have kept doing his level over and over but the favor won’t go past 2999 and Lister won’t change his speach with I talk to him.

Thanks for reading!

*When I said salamander I meant basilisk

I created a new game just to see if this Lister bug was a one-off but it has happened again. Favor on 2999, he “whispers” but when I talk to him, his response is the usual snore & what do you have for me speech.

I love this game but there are things I do not get access to in the late game if Lister doesn’t work!

I first wrote well over a week ago about this and so far, it’s like hearing crickets. Can you -please- at least acknowledge this message?



Hey Kieran. Just another player, with no ties to Thylacine, but I know Thylacine is working really hard on Siralim Ultimate Alpha right now. The forums are loaded with posts on it and I’m sure work on Siralim Ultimate is taking priority over Siralim 2. I know that may not be a great answer, but that’s just the reality of an indie studio with only so many man hours in a day.

Hello Jevial,

I also agree that Siralim 2 isn’t their priority right now, and therefore also agree that a fix isn’t likely to be offered straight away.

Just for clarification, I am 10% frustrated that I have purchased a game that doesn’t fully work and 90% frustrated that they failed to do in a week and a half what you did in a few hours - acknowledge the problem. How many minutes did it take you (who does not work for Thylacine and had no obligation to respond) to write it?

Anyway, I wish to thank you Jevial because I appreciate you taking the time :slight_smile: