A few QoL suggestions

Hi enjoying the game a lot so far, heres a few suggestions:

  1. Summoning and Divination candle menu not closing after use. If i want to summon the same monster from Divination candle to farm specific cards or skins i have to summon once, go to that page again and so on. It would be nice if the summon happened but the menu didnt automatically close. The same goes for summoning from the goblet when i want to summon multiple monsters (cause either i need them or im trying to get a specific personality)

  2. Additionally for 1 (might be extra or alternatively), we could se tthe number of summons we want to perform instead.

  3. Now this one im not sure if theres a fix for (maybe a limit to the same texts appearing) but ill put it out there anyways. Im playing a multiple spell evoker team and i often at the start of the battle get a 2-4 second delay (no animations or text just waiting for my turn). At first i though there was something with the game installation but i soon discovered its because of this (t0 effects queuing).

Not sure if theres a fix for it or the animation skip patch will do something for this but im still mentioning it. Note that this doesnt happen 100% of the time maybe about 70% though. Not sure if areas that give you extra buffs from breakables affect it or certain enemy creature traits that prevent me from getting buffs makes it skip this, but the 30% of the time this text doesnt appear and my t0 goes by normally.

Another solution that I think would be nice for 1 is if opening the menu again in the same Realm/Session would take you straight to the creature you were at.

So if you summoned a Pilwiz Slasher from the candle, interacting again would take you right to the Pilwiz Slasher.