A few questions to devs?

  1. Library in 2 of its topics say clearly that itherian creatures are exclusive to itherian realms, still we meet a lot of them in normal realms at higher levels, isnt it a contradiction that needs some attention?
  2. Why portable black hole doesnt work in itherian realms?
  3. are there any recipes thats not included in the recipe menu, if there are, are there any IN-GAME hints on them?
  4. I still havent found ways to obtain Ira Sin/Priest of Radience despite recipes dont drop for me anymore and they are not present in god shops, is that a bug or a feature?
  5. Gods- higher favor levels beyond unlocking talismans are neeeded for something else? like are there/will be there any items thats are unlocked at even higher levels?
  1. I’m changing Itherian Creatures soon anyway, so I’ve been ignoring this “bug” for now.

  2. To make them more challenging and more “roguelike”.

  3. Ira Sin is already in the game, but Priest of Radiance isn’t yet.

  4. Possibly! Nothing is planned yet, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be something more in the future.

thank you :slight_smile:

just going to drop my question in here: who does the trap spell work on that’s worthwhile extracting from? I’ve tried on all kinds of creatures with X but it never worked, and for normal creatures it’s unnecessary

idk if it works on d@#!$ng but id try. otherwise its always good to obtain max level max heredity creature, ofc it could be only as high as char level, still. Idk if it works on god shop creatures, could be ok too. Or to fill your bestiary with some particulary difficult to breed stuff.