A few small bugs

I’m realizing that I’m collecting a mental list of bugs that just haven’t seemed worth making individual threads for, so I’m going to put them all in one post. My apologies. These are all on iOS 2.0.7, on an iPad running iOS 8.1, with Castle Quests (and all other options) turned off. Some of these are small enough that they may not be worth fixing.

  1. If a Servant Hunter’s attack is canceled out by a Barrier, it bounces once for 0 damage + bleed. It should presumably bounce either 0 or 2 times. (Possibly a 0 == false problem?)

  2. My opponent’s Dryad Raincaller message said something like “Your dryad raincaller heals your creatures.”

  3. There’s a space missing in the Dryad Naturalist’s ability message (Slumber Cloud).

  4. In the Character screen, under “Accolades - Realms”, it says “Gambling Dwarves Met” and “Power Dwarves Met”, but it only counts them if you actually interact with, not just if you meet with them. Maybe something like “Dwarves Gambled With” or “Gambling Dwarves Used”? Similarly “Pentagrams Found”

  5. When the Duty to extract a certain number of creatures gets updated, the message that pops up uses whatever the old term for “extract” was. (“dissipated”? I forget.)

  6. If a creature is resurrected by the Death realm and turns into a Gimp Mummy, the Gimp Mummy then immediately has its wrappings fall off and it turns into something else. Which was silly-looking, but maybe not a problem.

  7. The description of the “Splinters” effect in the library says there’s a max of 3 splinters, but the Planetary Amaranth can generate more when it gets hit. (I don’t think this is actually a balance problem? It makes the Planetary Amaranth fun but I don’t think too overpowered. So if you need to change anything, I’d probably change the library, but I wanted you to know.)

  8. When you buy the Daily Power Spell upgrade, it doesn’t work the first day, which is really disappointing. And the message it gives you says “You have already cast today’s Daily Power Spell.” which is just false.

  9. I keep getting enchantments on my artifacts with an empty name. The reforge screen just says “: 1% Range: 0-0”. It’s always 1%, and always reforges to 0-0. I’ve been using a lot of Pandemonium Tokens, I don’t know if it only happens through them.

Anyway, thanks for an awesome game! I’m having a lot of fun!

Thank you very much for this list! I’ll start working on getting these fixed :slight_smile:

By the way, if you haven’t solved #9 yet, it definitely doesn’t have anything to do with pandemonium tokens. It’s happening when I find artifacts by collecting their pieces. I never seem to see an artifact that has fewer slots filled than its level; I think that if the artifact isn’t using all of its slots, the empty one is sometimes being filled with a blank ability.

Yeah, it could actually come from a lot of different places - Pandemonium Tokens, the enchanter’s overworld quest, and several other areas. It’s fixed for the next version though!