A fun idea

What if the development team(thylacinestudios)put yall own personal monsters(such as a godspawn)or show up as a npc in the game(to wonder the castle or have some role). Even as a god such as Thylacine God of Creation and a realm that take place inside your computer. This can happen much later as an event after the full release of the game.

That would be fine if Thylacine wasn’t already a creature from S3.

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Sorry for wasting everyone time reading this. This post was stupid of me because I didn’t know thylacine was a real life creature and is from Siralim 3. I’ll try to delete or hide this post if I can.

No no, it’s both an extinct creature and a thing from 3…

Your idea is fine, maybe just change the name of the god?

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Yeah I was thinking about a realm taking place in Zack’s computer and a God version of Zack himself. I do not know how many are part of Siralim development but I just think it funny to see them as an npc or a monster in game. Another idea I once had was Vertraag to send us back in time before Erebyss turned into darkness amd explore Arcadia before it fell.