A look at the upcoming patch 1.0.12, Part 1

As you might have noticed, updates are now a bit less frequent but contain more content than before. This is because there are fewer emergency bugs and crashes that need to be fixed, so I can finally spend time developing the gameplay itself rather than the “under the hood” functionality. To keep everyone up to date with what I’m working on, I will occasionally post about the features I am working on for future patches. Today, we’ll take our first look at patch 1.0.12.

Most spells will have a reduced mana cost, and the potency of all spells will be increased drastically. For example, Holy Armor will increase chaos/death defense by 60% (up from 20%), healing spells will be far more efficient, and Shatter will instantly kill a frozen target. The goal of these changes is to make spells feel more powerful than regular creature attacks. At the moment, many spells are a complete waste of a turn and most players disregard them altogether.

To ensure that these newly-empowered spells don’t trivialize boss fights, many of them will work at a reduced effect on Nether creatures, including your own. To be specific, spells that cause damage will deal half damage to Nether creatures, and spells that can instantly kill a creature are completely ineffective on Nether creatures. That way, you’ll need to focus on debuffing them instead with stuns, stat penalties, and things like that to bring them down. This should make Major Sigils and similar events much more interesting, while also making your own Nether creatures feel much more valuable.

Lastly, many spells will no longer consume the caster’s turn. Spells like Vampirism, Clarity, and Identify Creature can be cast without wasting your creatures’ turns, which should make them worth using. This will make combat feel much more interesting…and more difficult. We like difficult.

To compensate for how powerful these new spells are, enemies will now spawn with fewer spells at later levels. At the moment, enemies spawn with one spell for every 7 character levels, but that’s going to be placed on a curve so that it’s no longer a linear increase.

Spells are not the only gameplay element that are receiving such large changes. Keep an eye on our forums for more updates in the coming days.